About me

I was born in Moscow, Russia and emigrated to the US in 1999. I lived in the Chicago area for eleven years after coming to the States. There, I got my BA in Economics and Mathematics from Northwestern University and spent two years working in consulting after graduation. Eager to join the tech boom, I then moved to California to work for Facebook as a data analyst in 2012.

I currently work at Facebook as a software engineer on the Messaging team. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cycling and enjoying the outdoors.

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Social media

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My github repo - Currently contains solutions to the first couple of problems from Project Euler back when I was learning how to code. I haven't touched this since 2012...

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Some favorite things...

Singer - Galina Homchik (Галина Хомчик).

Author - Alexandre Dumas.

Sport - football.

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